I am excited for this blog and for you to be reading it!  I was born and raised on the standard American diet of meat, carbs, starches, and fats.  About three years ago my parents began switching their diet to one that was vegan-based.

I was shocked the first time I came home from college for a visit to realize that we no longer had our regular ample supply of snack food, baked goods, and leftover Midwestern dishes in the refrigerator.  I didn’t know what I was supposed to eat because none of the food we had “looked good” to me.

My parents, particularly my mother, remained persistent that I should try the healthier dishes and reevaluate my own eating habits.   Numerous websites, blogs, podcasts, news articles, and books later, I’ve finally began realizing that they had a point.  After watching the Food Matters documentary at my parents urging, I’m now committed to learning about what the food I’m eating is doing to my body and what changes I can make to improve my health.

On Wellness Daughter, I will be sharing my journey through personal updates, referrals to other sites and research I encounter, book/article reviews, and humor.  I encourage you to keep reading and share about your own path to health.




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