My name is Chynna Haas and three years ago my parents went from meat/potatoes to primarily vegan.  Since then, they have sent me numerous websites, blogs, podcasts, news articles, and books encouraging me to learn more about veganism, alkalinity, and just generally taking better care of my body.

I would glance over the information, but never fully commit to reading it and seeing how it could fit in my life.  After a resurgence of the awful acne I’ve struggled with since I was 12, as well as suffering from fatigue, depression, and just generally not feeling well, I’ve decided to listen to my parents.

Wellness Daughter documents my journey toward health.  I will share my experience, article/book reviews, recipes, and humor as I begin a huge lifestyle shift to solidify my commitment to personal health.  I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but just a twenty-something year old woman who’s tired of being sick and tired.

Thanks for joining me on my journey!